Tri-sliding, self contained family room with roof light, canopy, in and out kitchen and bar area in Wargrave, Reading

Garden Rooms

Versatile spaces tailored to your lifestyle.

Enhance your Outdoor Living Space

Welcome to our exclusive range of flexible Garden Rooms - whether you require an additional living room in your garden for entertaining family & friends, or creating an additional space for an office, our bespoke and pre-designed, fully insulated garden rooms are the perfect choice.

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Rooms of Potential

At Bakers Garden Buildings, we offer a comprehensive design and installation package that includes:


  • Planning Permission & Regulations
  • Foundations and Base Work
  • Decking and Landscaping
  • Electrics, Sound & Vision
  • Plumbing
  • Exterior Finishing Touches
  • Interior Finishing Touches


Our bespoke garden rooms are versatile and adaptable, designed to meet the evolving needs of your home. Whether it's a space for a growing family, a teenager's den, a study or garden office, or a tranquil retreat from daily life, we have you covered. These garden rooms can serve as a safe haven for children to enjoy independence while parents relax, a games room for family fun, a fully equipped gym, or a dedicated TV room. The possibilities are endless.

A Room of Your Choice

Imagine how you would use an additional room inside your house and let us create it for you in your garden, with the added benefits of space, light, and privacy that garden living offers. A room to be loved and enjoyed by as many or as few people as you choose.


Our fully insulated garden rooms are designed for year-round use. No matter how you choose to fill the space, you can be assured of the best possible advice, construction, and fitting.


At Bakers Garden Buildings, we design and build every component of our garden rooms in-house, ensuring only the finest quality materials are used throughout. Our range of bespoke and pre-designed garden rooms are suitable for daily residential, commercial, and educational use.

Garden bar with feature walls and lighting interior design in Surrey

Contemporary Garden Rooms

Here at Bakers, we strive to combine the latest products and technology with our traditional craftsmanship and experience, to bring you the best garden rooms possible. Using a mix of composite materials, we can now offer buildings with no external timber, which carry a 10-year warranty and are virtually maintenance free.


Our Garden Rooms offer clean lines with large full drop glass in the windows and doors. Generally with a pent roof to keep under the 2.5m planning rule, but are also available with an apex roof.


We offer a fantastic selection of pre-designed buildings that are focused on offering the best per square metre price possible, these rooms are focused on less than 1% waste with customisable options, and in many instances are a zero compromise product.


If the pre-designed collection doen't work for you then we offer our renowned bespoke service where the entire building is made to your exact requirements.

pool side room and  garden wellness retreat with roof light , lounge and bar in Surrey

Bespoke, Insulated Garden Rooms

Every one of our garden rooms is made to order, offering you the choice of over 100,000 room specifications and colour options. All our garden rooms come fully insulated, lined, and double-glazed as standard, ensuring year-round use. You can select from aluminium French or Sliding door options, as well as aluminium Bi-folding and Tri-sliding doors. Additionally, UPVC or aluminium windows are available.


We can create a bespoke combination room that is part living space, part storage for your garden. All our options and combinations for bespoke garden rooms are available to view at our fully fitted walk-around show centre, which you are always welcome to visit.


At Bakers Garden Buildings, we handle all appropriate utilities, including plumbing, heating, mains electricity, and internet connections. We design your garden room to your precise requirements, guaranteeing you will be delighted by this outdoor addition to your home.


Our garden rooms have endless year-round uses. We can provide the perfect pool-side room, complete with shower rooms, toilets, integrated or separate changing rooms, towel warmers, and wet room flooring. Alternatively, your garden room can serve as a home gym. With our years of experience and careful planning, we ensure sufficient space and headroom for your machines and equipment, such as cross trainers, while also considering the view from your training machines.


By taking into account all potential uses, we future-proof your fully insulated garden building to meet every requirement you may ever have. See an example of a contemporary insulated garden room we created for a customer seeking a Zen Lounge to escape to.

Executive Garden Rooms

Its important to keep your home life and work life separate, a great way to do this is with a garden office. Our Garden Rooms are a place where you will be proud to bring clients. Whether you are a therapist or you need an executive office suite, we are able to build bespoke offices to suit your requirements. If you need a one-person office or space to grow, we can build your office with your well-being in mind. By taking into account the benefits of natural light in a working environment, we optimise desk space orientation so that it doesn't affect your computer screen. We can also accommodate any extra storage space you may need.


In our consultation with you, we will discuss your exact business needs including telephone points and internet access. Our Garden Rooms are high spec and will feel like a natural extension of your home. You can also use it all year round with minimal heating. You can create your ideal work environment with the help of our consultants.

pool side room with kitchen, bar, lounge and wall wash lighting internal ref 6145 Surrey

Garden Rooms with Storage/Side Shed

If you are looking to build a garden summer room or a hideaway, but you still need storage for your garden tools, we can build a garden room with storage. General garden rooms can be used in various ways, for instance, it can be a multi-use garden room with a concealed side shed. Your garden room could even have different access points, with a secret shed concealed at the rear. Speak to one of our consultants about the ideal space for you and your family. Whether it's a garden office, a playroom or a workshop, we can suggest a garden room to meet your needs.

Kite combination multi use family room middlesex

Environmentally & Energy-Efficient Garden Rooms

By building a robust and thought-out Garden Room, our clients save on their energy bills whilst having a comfortable, sustainable environment. Our consultants specialise in Eco-Friendly Spaces and can use sustainably sourced materials to suit clients who are conscientious about the Environment.  


All Bakers Garden Buildings are produced using timber and sheet materials from sources dedicated to the principle of 'sustained yield' and are FSC or PEFC accredited. Also, for each mature tree harvested, two young trees are planted. We at Bakers remain supportive of the principle of efficient forestry management on a sustained yield basis. Read how we transformed a busy family's lifestyle with a 'perfect' garden room, with cloakroom and shower, kitchen and year-round entertainment space.

pool side room and linked Gym garden design project Warwickshire


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