Bi-fold garden office and meeting room Esher Surrey

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Working remotely is now very common for many of us. It's therefore more important than ever to have a dedicated, quiet work space where you can be productive and uninterrupted. And that's exactly what our garden office rooms provide.


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Our Garden Office Projects

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Our Garden Office Projects

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Garden Office

Small Garden Office

Small Garden Office in Sussex

REF 5974
Stay focused in this compact yet functional garden office.
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Insulated Garden Office in Kent

REF 5812
Stay productive year-round with this insulated garden office.
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Large Self Contained Garden Office in Surrey

REF 5764
Boost productivity in this spacious garden office with bathroom and small kitchen.
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Combination Garden Office and Gym in St Albans

REF 5331
Achieve work-life balance with this versatile garden office.
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Cedar Garden Office in Surrey

REF 5872
Productively work from home in style with this Cedar garden office.
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Outdoor Classroom and Entertainment Garden Room in Berkhamstead

REF 6216
Learn and play in this outdoor classroom and entertainment garden room.
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Garden Office and Home Gym in Surrey

REF 5605
Balance work and fitness with this garden office and home gym.
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Garden Gym and Lounge with Large Canopy in London

REF 5885
Achieve your fitness goals in a custom-built gym and unwind in a stylish garden lounge under a spacious alfresco canopy.
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Combination Garden Office, Lounge and Storage in Kent

REF 5275
Stay organised and comfortable with this combination garden office.
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