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Garden Room Plumbing Options

There are many reasons why you might want water installed in your new garden room. It's reassuring to know that Bakers Garden Buildings' complete package includes the services of a team that can make this happen. Our dedicated team has the expertise and experience to take care of any of your plumbing needs.

Full Mains Power

We can give you full mains connection that allows you to install basins, toilets and showers. However, if you'd like to keep your costs down and require a more limited service, we have some superb options available at a fraction of the cost.


All we need to start with is some photographs of your site and rough drawings indicating what services you need. We'll come up with a provisional quote before making a full site survey, after which you'll get a fixed costing - and the work can start.

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Garden Room with Kitchen

If you'd like to be able to create meals in your garden room, we have a range of kitchens that can be built into your new structure.


Of course, several elements of your kitchen will require plumbing so that you can feed your family or entertain guests without having to travel in and out of your house.


One popular option with customers is a kitchenette consisting of a single unit that includes a sink, hob, microwave and refrigerator.


Our preferred brand of kitchenette is Elfin, a trusted company that can deliver a variety of styles, including classic white and stainless steel.


A kitchenette is a great way of installing the appliances you need in a compact design that doesn't take up too much of your new garden room.


We can also work with the space you create to install extras including a basin or a dishwasher. Our expertise means there will be no problem getting clean water to your appliances and dispensing of waste water once you have finished with it.


If you have enough space in your garden room and want to install a full kitchen, we collaborate closely with Howdens Joinery, a reputable firm that can come up with a design that works for you.

Garden Room with Fully Fitted Kitchen

Garden Room with Bathroom

If you want to spend hours at a time in your garden building, either relaxing or working, it's incredibly convenient to have a bathroom as part of the structure.


Whether you want a bath, toilet, shower and basin or simply a loo and a sink, we can both design the space and plumb in the units required.


It really does come down to your choice. The flexibility of our range, and our extensive experience in delivering garden rooms for more than 35 years, means we can create and install exactly the space you want.


One of our most popular combination rooms is a summer house with a bathroom. Having a bathroom to hand when you and your family are keen to spend long summer days in the garden is a real bonus that adds to the allure of your garden building.

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Garden Room/Office with Toilet and Shower

It may be that you don't have enough space for a full bathroom, but you still want to use your garden room as an office.


You don't want to have to keep heading into your house, especially if you have customers visiting or staff working on site, so having a toilet and shower will mean your garden office is truly self-contained.


Bakers Garden Buildings has extensive experience in building garden offices and combination rooms, so installing a toilet or shower, or both, presents no problem at all for us.


Many people who install poolside rooms also want a shower and toilet as well - our dedicated plumbing team will be only too happy to create a space that fits your requirements.


Our plumbing expertise means we can install any water-related installations in a limitless variety of combinations. If you have the space and want to create a garden office with a toilet and a kitchen, for instance, we'll be happy to oblige.

Technical Information for Connecting Mains Water and Waste

How to connect mains water to your Garden Room/Summer House 

For a full water mains installation, we dig a trench 75cm below ground that runs from your house to the garden room. Once there it can be connected to your toilet, basin, hot water storage and shower.


A mains drain is required for this, which usually runs in the same service trench as the water, electrics and internet. You may need a pump system depending on the ground levels of your garden.


If all you want in your garden room is a toilet and you are looking for a more cost-effective option, there are some non-plumbed models on the market.


A cassette toilet or a Porta Potty could be a solution if you anticipate only occasional or emergency use.


Greywater waste option

Sometimes, all you want in your garden room is to be able to wash your hands with hot water. This may be the case, for instance, if you are running a therapy room or beauty salon.


It may be more cost-effective in such circumstances to run the grey water waste into a container that can be emptied manually, rather than using the mains.


The pitch of your garden might make it possible for the water to flow away naturally, but you might need a macerator pump to take the waste away.


Whatever your requirements are, with Bakers Garden Buildings there will always be a plumbing solution that works for you.

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