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Decking and Hard Landscaping

When you construct a garden building, you may wish to extend the project by installing some decking to give you an extra expanse of stylish usable space next to your new room. We have extensive experience of delivering back garden decking and can also work with you on hard landscaping via our trusted partners to complement your garden room.

Decking - The Popular Choice

Decking has become a popular addition to gardens in recent decades. It can make your garden more attractive to use all year round and adds an extra seating area in the fresh air.


As part of our complete package, Bakers Garden Buildings can deliver an expanse of decking that works beautifully with the new garden building we create together.


We also work alongside our trusted partners who can offer a hard landscaping service that includes patios, paths and retaining walls.


It means we can work with you - or your trusted garden designer - to create not just your perfect building but your ideal landscaping too.  

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Garden Decking with Our Garden Buildings

Many people who decide to use a steel and timber frame base for their new building also want to add a stretch of garden decking.


The good news in these circumstances is that the foundations for the decking are exactly the same as for the garden room and can simply be extended to support it.


We strongly suggest that if you do decide to install decking in the same way as the base, you do so at the same time - and, of course, we'll help you with the design part of the process as well as the installation.


We have two standard solutions when it comes to decking: wooden and composite. We usually choose Arbour Forest softwood for the former and Smart Board for the latter.


Composite decking is popular because it's low maintenance and it rarely gets slippery.


Wood itself doesn't get slippery but you have to be careful that mould and mildew don't accumulate on it - they are the substances that can make the surface treacherous.


We always advise clients never to jet-wash their decking; that merely makes it even more slippery in the long term. It's better to use a dedicated decking bleach cleaner.


Check out our video case studies that demonstrate the way in which Bakers Garden Buildings go the extra mile to deliver a complete package - a garden building and an expanse of modern garden decking that complements it perfectly.

Garden Landscaping

When we say we offer a complete package, we really do mean complete. As well as being able to deliver a garden room that meets your requirements exactly, we can put you in touch with our trusted partners who offer a hard landscaping service for the rest of your garden around your new building.


Whether you want a large or small garden landscape design, we can work with you to come up with a patio, path or retaining wall solution that fits in perfectly.


Similarly, while we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all your needs, we may not be the most cost-effective solution when it comes to hard landscaping. We will be happy to work with a contractor of your choice to come up with a garden that works for you.

2 building project in burkhamstead with Millboard decking and grillo

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