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External Finishes, Cladding and Roof Options

It's essential that the exterior of your new garden room looks beautiful and, at the same time, protects the building from the elements.

Exterior Wall Finishes, Cladding and Roof Options for Your Garden Building

It's essential that the exterior of your new garden room looks beautiful and, at the same time, protects the building from the elements. As part of our complete package, at Bakers Garden Buildings, our complete package includes an extensive variety of finishes and cladding options for you to choose from.


Whatever your taste and budget - and the surrounding environment - suggest, we are confident we will have an exterior finish that will provide the perfect final touch to your new garden room.


Modern and Traditional Finishes For Garden Buildings

Our options range from traditional to modern designs and materials. We have always offered wooden buildings and finishes and we are still creating traditional buildings with exteriors made of redwood timber for some of our clients. While this is a cost-effective option, too, the issue with soft wood is the upkeep. It will require yearly retreating and, if you prefer a paint finish, this can quite often look rustic, with knots bleeding through and cracks appearing.

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Decorative Cladding Options That Offer Longevity and Low Maintenance


Many customers like the toughness plus modern look and finish of our Medite Tricoya Extreme (MTX) for their exterior cladding. This amazing man-made board uses Accoya fibres with extremely durable resins to produce a board that can be machined and cut. This comes with a 50-year above-ground guarantee despite Accoya taking only 25 years to grow.


Cedral ® Cladding

Cedral cladding is a fantastic durable cement board, made to look like painted timber but with a 50 year plus life expectancy. This product offers a fantastic look can be easily cleaned. It'm never needs to be repainted. It comes in 21 factory applied colours and two wood stain finishes. The Cedral is supplied as an overlap board or a click together option. Both can be installed horizontally or vertically.


Pura® NFC by Trespa

If you're looking for that natural wood finish but you want to be in control of the colour and the structure be free from oiling it every three to six months, then this new addition to our range could be the perfect solution for you.  


Pura® NFC by Trespa isn't just beautiful; its durable too. You don't have to worry about it aging. The closed surface created by Trespa's proprietary Electron Beam Curing (EBC) locks colour in and keeps dirt out - making it hard for marks to build up.


The cladding's high impact resistance allows the building to safely withstand daily wear and tear. and It will keep it's their hues vibrant and your building looking exquisite. It comes in 12 natural looking wood grain effects with a lovely shadow gap between  boards that clicks together. It and can be fitted vertically or horizontally.


Cedar, Iiroko and Other Hardwoods. 

For some clients, timber is always going to be the right material for the garden building. To avoid the task of continually painting and any reduction in warranty that might come with Redwood, we offer cedar, iroko and other hardwoods as a secondary outer skin cladding with an air gap and vapour membrane. This gives the longevity needed with only moderate to low maintenance through oiling to consider. However please be aware that timber is a natural product and you can't be fully in control of its colour and movement over the years.  


The choice between the traditional natural look and a modern, easy to manage alternative is yours.


To fully understand the options, we highly recommend you make an appointment to visit the show centre where you can see all of these on display to get a better understanding.

Preserved and Long-Lasting Finishes For Garden Buildings

All our building panels and frames are treated with a base coat preservative as standard. We believe we are unique in having a vertical dip tank in our factory solely for this process. This tank is cut into the ground at our factory, holds 2,000 litres of treatment fluid and can accommodate walls up to 13 feet (3.8metres) long. Once a panel has been thoroughly submerged in the tank, it is left on a big draining board to dry before we apply the next layer of the shell.


We can also offer you a wide choice of claddings and top coat preservatives, applied at our factory before delivery. From natural wood colours through to pastel shades, we'll give you an exterior finish that will preserve your building for years to come.

entertainment room Finished in Iroko Timber cladding  in London

Wall Finish and Cladding Garden Building Choices

It's our proud boast at Bakers Garden Buildings that we have never created the same bespoke garden room twice. We have built thousands over more than three decades in business, but each one is built to our customers' exact specifications. This flexibility definitely applies to our exterior wall finishes and cladding options too.


As noted above, there are many different decorative claddings available, however we would typically only use these on sides that you are seeing. Our cement wall is the perfect option for back and side walls that are sited out of view or close to hedges and boundaries., Our cement walls are zero maintanace, plus it's fire rated to allow us to go close to boundaries safely.  


If you are looking for a timber finish but would still like the substructure protection and guarantees offered by MTX, upgrading to a cedar, Trespa Pura or hard wood external cladding with a vent and vapour barrier, could be the answer.


Overall, we offer a huge range of wood options from cedar and the very popular Iroko, to larch, oak or Accoya. We can work with any other timber you may require too. Just let us know and our system can accept anything you need.


Of course, you can also mix and match our claddings with a variety of door options. The permutations are virtually endless.

Tri-slider, man cave, music lounge and bar 8x3.5 in Pebble grey ref 6078

Cedar Cladding for Garden Buildings

If you want your garden room to look good, and like the old-style appearance of timber, cedar cladding could be the most cost-effective solution for you.


Timber has been the heart of our offering to customers since we were founded more than 35 years ago. At Bakers Garden Buildings, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to developments in construction techniques and materials. But we remain happy to meet the demands of customers who say they like the 'honesty' of timber.


There are various different types of wood that can be used for the cladding of a garden room, but cedar is particularly popular.


Cedar is a soft wood, but it contains natural oils that help to protect it against the elements. It has a very long life, despite being one of the most cost-effective wooden options on offer.


Our cedar cladding is fitted to the exterior of your garden room and goes on the outside of a pre-constructed internal system that includes our vapour barriers and air vents.


Your garden room will be as well insulated as it would be with MTX cladding, and the external look is superb - particularly when combined with anthracite doors and windows.

Cedar garden room with anthracite doors, windows and Fascia  Epsom Surrey

Exterior Insulation For Garden Buildings

All the panels we use for our garden buildings are insulated to the very highest standards. Essentially, you are inside a cube of insulation. Indeed, it's fair to say that if your house is more than 12 years old, your garden room will be better insulated than your home.


Of course, the advantage of insulated garden rooms is that heat stays in and the cold stays out and vice versa in the summer.


We use our own designed insulated panel. It has evolved into an extremely strong, well insulated yet relatively thin panel that gives you the most internal space versus gap possible. We don't compromise.


All our buildings are fitted with their insulation at our factory so they can be delivered and installed without delay.

Garden Room with Integrated storage and sliding doors Horsham

Roof Options for your Garden Building

Because of planning rules, most garden buildings need to be less than 2.5 metres in height.


Our standard roof option is an SBS roofing felt with a rubber washer screw to fit. This is widely recognised as the best felt and fix choice, but its joints mean we have to put in a substantial fall gradient to ensure water flows away. That can take 250mm off the height of a summer house or garden office.


This means, if you want as much headroom as possible inside your new garden room, EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) synthetic rubber is a perfect alternative solution. It is a one-piece rubber membrane which means we do not need to run the steep slope that roofing felt joints and capillary action require.


This means, with less of a slope, you can gain much more headroom inside your building. An EPDM rubber roof also benefits from a 20-year guarantee and a 50-year life expectancy. This removes the worry and upkeep that come with traditional felt. Plus, this product is perfect for adding any type of roof light to it. We can vulcanise the rubber together giving you the assurance of a fully water tight building with Velux, Em-glaze or Skypod additions.


We can also create apex roofs, which will give your garden building a more traditional look.


If you visit our show centre, we'll be delighted to demonstrate the options from which you can choose to create the perfect roof finish for your building.

pool side room and  garden wellness retreat with roof light , lounge and bar Burwood park Surrey

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