summer house Steel and timber framed base on multiple levels and surfaces  at Bakers Garden building

Base Work

Foundations & Base Work for Garden Buildings

You wouldn't construct a house without making sure it had the correct foundations - and getting the base of your garden building right is just as important. Bakers Garden Buildings is proud to offer a complete service that includes a base for your garden room. You'll get the peace of mind that comes from one experienced, knowledgeable company taking control of the entire project from the ground up.

Two Base Options

We offer two different types of base installation. One of the first steps we take is a free site survey that will establish which base will work best for you, depending on your requirements for your garden room. We can offer provisional advice from just a few photos and a brief conversation.


The most popular and cost-effective option is an innovative steel and timber frame base.


However, it could be that a better solution for you is to use a traditional concrete base.  


Whichever option you choose, you'll make that decision safe in the knowledge that we have extensive experience of building garden rooms and you'll be getting the base that's right for you.

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Site Clearance

Once you have decided to install a new garden building, the first practical step you need to take is preparation of the site where it will stand.

Whether there is an old building on the site already, or it is covered by a tangle of plants, or the land is uneven, our team can clear everything away.


You'll be left with a cleared site that leaves you ready to make a fresh start and begin the construction of your new garden building - whatever purpose it is designed to serve.


Our team will also be able to remove any other waste in your garden so that landscaping can take place.



garden gym on slopping ground with Steel and Timber framed base in Guildfors

Our Steel and Timber framed Base for Your Garden Room

There are many reasons why the vast majority of our projects - about 90% - are created with a steel and timber frame base.


Whether you want a summer house, a poolside room, a garden office or a garden shed, it's most likely that the steel and timber frame base will work better for you.


A wooden shed base can be installed in any weather. It's a dry installation, which means the building itself can be installed the day after the base is finished. We've even put a shed up on the same day.


As well as being a less expensive option, a timber base for your shed or other building creates far less mess. It can be installed quickly and efficiently, without the need for a string of wheelbarrows trundling through your house.  


If you have tree roots, a timber frame foundation works well around them and rules out the issue of undermining or lifting of the base.


If you have a Tree Preservation Order, this is an eco-friendly solution that allows tree roots to grow around the base.


The foundations are steel posts set in concrete pockets - but not wet concrete. We use a pre-mixed bag called Postcrete that sets in 15 minutes. The result is a very strong foundation for your garden room.

base on 2 levels

Concrete Base for Garden Rooms

However, there are still a significant number of instances in which you might choose a concrete base for your garden room.


You might want a concrete base for a garage, for example, or a workshop where you are planning to use heavy machinery and want to be certain your support is as solid as it can be.


Ultimately, if your personal preference is for a concrete foundation base - and our standard base is 150mm deep - Bakers Garden Buildings can deliver it.

cantilevered Base for garden room

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