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Games Rooms

Elevate your entertainment space.

Garden Games Room

It's the ultimate in domestic escapism and pure relaxation - strolling into your garden and finding a room there filled with exactly the games and hobbies you enjoy most. Maybe you'd like a snooker or pool table. It could be that you are a big table tennis fan. Perhaps you want to while away a few hours playing darts or pinball, or even video games.

However you want to spend your leisure time, Bakers Garden Buildings can design and deliver a high-quality garden room you can use all year round in the privacy of your own home. We'll work with you to create a space that meets your requirements exactly. For instance, if you want a snooker or pool table, tell us your table size and cue lengths and we'll make sure the room is the right size. We welcome the opportunity to work on innovative and interesting projects. Whatever the plans you come up with look like, we have the knowledge and experience to bring them to life.

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Outdoor Games Room

Building a games room in the garden adds a whole extra level of enjoyment to your home.


Just think of the hours of fun you could have with friends and family who share your enthusiasm for your favourite leisure activities.


If you simply want to create your own pub in your garden, we can work with you to create the perfect bar that can be the centrepiece of the room - or just tucked in the corner. It could be an ideal place to sit, relax and while away an hour or two.


We offer a complete garden room package which includes site clearance and the installation of the base, electricals and wi-fi, hard-wired from the house for a great connection speed for streaming and your gaming requirements.


We make every one of our buildings to order, but we offer so many options in terms of style, colour and layout available that the number of permutations is almost infinite.

Hobby Rooms and Craft Rooms

Sometimes you just want to get away from the world and indulge yourself by spending time with the activities that mean most to you.


You may want a room where you can house your model railway, or a place to spend some quiet time constructing models or attending to your stamp collection. Or maybe you simply want a space to keep your collectibles or memorabilia.


Whatever your hobby is and your requirements are in terms of space and taste, we have a solution that will meet them.


If your structure incorporates MTX cladding, an EPDM roof and aluminium or uPVC doors and windows, your contemporary garden room will be covered by our unique 10-year guarantee.

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