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10 Year Warranty Comes As Standard

10 year guarantee explained

Watch this video to see Martin Baker explaining our unique approach to zero maintenance, along with some of our window options and many other features.

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Garden Building Doors and Windows:

At Bakers Garden Buildings, we take immense pride in providing doors and windows that are of house specification, ensuring a standard of quality that meets or exceeds industry standards.



All our doors, regardless of the type, are crafted to house specifications, guaranteeing their high quality and reliability. While single UPVC doors are available, when opting for double or any other door type, we use only top-grade aluminium, assuring a premium level of construction. Our door range includes various options tailored to different needs:


-Single in UPVC: Suitable for standard entryways.

-Double French doors in aluminium: Stylish and durable, adding an elegant touch to your space.

-Inline sliding in aluminium: Engineered for smooth operation and space efficiency.

-Tri-sliding in aluminium: Offering versatility in design and space usage.

-Bi-folding in aluminium: Perfect for a contemporary and flexible door solution.

Our doors come as standard in anthracite finish, while we offer a wide array of additional options to suit individual preferences.



Similarly, our windows are constructed to house specification, guaranteeing their high quality and durability. We offer grained sculptured and chamfered smooth UPVC windows as standard, with the option to upgrade to aluminium. The choice between these options often depends on the desired aesthetic and budget. Our team is dedicated to providing guidance to help you choose the ideal windows that suit your space and preferences.

Garden Building Claddings

At Bakers Garden Buildings, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of cladding options that cater to varying requirements. Our standard choice is the exceptional Medite Tricoya Extreme (MTX) cladding, applied to the visible parts—front and sides—of the garden building. In less visible areas or against boundaries, we utilise cement board cladding. This selection provides a cost-effective solution that complies with fire regulations.


For our bespoke and designer collections, we provide the opportunity to upgrade to a variety of cladding options. These options include:

-MillBoard Envelo cladding and decor upgrade

-The full London Stone range

-Split face tiles


-Trespa Pura

-Your Preferred composite cladding


Furthermore, for those seeking a more traditional appearance, we offer alternatives such as Cedar, Iroko, Oak, and numerous other timber options.


Due to our expert installation methods, we can maintain our 10-year guarantee, although it's important to note that some maintenance may be required for these natural products over time.


For comprehensive details about our cladding options, please visit our dedicated Cladding page

Garden Building Roof Coverings

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) stands as an incredibly durable rubber product with an impressive life expectancy of 50 years. Specifically tailored for each project, it arrives in a large, single sheet and is adhered without the need for mechanical fixing.


The absence of mechanical fixings ensures there are no vulnerable areas for potential leaks, significantly enhancing its durability and requiring very minimal maintenance.


Moreover, there's an additional advantage to using EPDM—it allows us to elevate the rear height of the room. This feature proves particularly beneficial, especially for those constrained by the 2.5-metre height planning restriction.

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Garden Building Bases

Our standard offering includes a steel and timber frame base. This choice is made because it allows for a clean installation that can be conducted throughout the year, synchronised with the building installation process. Additionally, it boasts impressive eco-credentials and is authorised for use in root protection zones.


While our buildings can also be installed on a concrete base, it's important to note that regardless of the type of base provided by us, we consistently offer a comprehensive 10-year guarantee.


The quality of our construction and the materials used not only facilitates the 10-year guarantee but also ensures a remarkable life expectancy of 30 to 50 years for the building. This longevity is a testament to the durability and reliability of our structures.

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Principal Terms and Conditions:

• UPVC and aluminium products: Covered by a 10-year limited warranty. For more details, please don't hesitate to ask us.


• Annual Inspection Requirement: To validate the warranty, it is necessary to conduct an annual inspection of the room.


• External Maintenance: Painting or decoration of externals may be required.


• Issue Reporting: Should any issue be identified, it is imperative to provide written notice to Bakers Garden Buildings Ltd within 14 days.


For a comprehensive understanding of our full terms and conditions, please request details from us directly or visit the following link: Terms and Conditions

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