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Explore our diverse range of garden buildings, catering to every budget and design preference. From our pre-designed collection, offering cost-effective options with customisable features, to our bespoke buildings meticulously crafted to fit your unique specifications, and our designer collection tailored for professionals seeking the perfect solution for their clients' garden rooms or studios. Whether you're looking for affordability, customisation, or professional collaboration, we have the perfect solution for you.

Garden Buildings designed to your High Standards

We combine years of experience with cutting-edge materials to create attractive, durable, and low-maintenance buildings. With options like aluminium doors and a variety of cladding choices, including natural timber and composite finishes, we ensure a personalised touch. Utilising house specification materials, our buildings boast a 10-year supplier-backed warranty, can require zero maintenance, and offer a lifespan of up to 50 years. This ensures your investment enhances your home's value and appeal for years to come.


pool-side rooms, with canopy, bi-fold and Gym Ref 5826

Poolside Rooms

Enhance your pool experience with a custom poolside room from Bakers Garden Buildings, perfect for relaxing, entertaining, and dining.
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Bakers Garden Buildings

With nearly 40 years of crafting bespoke structures in Sussex, we offer pre-designed, fully bespoke, and designer-led rooms that can be used year-round. Each order, overseen by our dedicated team, ensures quality control and your peace of mind. We're the UK's premier supplier of contemporary and classic garden structures, and have constructed more than 20,000+ buildings. We make every building to order and ensure that your garden room is exactly right for you. You will get peace of mind because we offer a complete package. We work with you at every step of the process, however large or small your garden building is.


Visit our Show Centre

Come and take a tour of the 14 buildings we have on display. Spend some time examining in close-up detail the sheer breadth of our range of garden rooms.


You'll get the clearest possible idea of the size, shape and specifications of the model that will work best for your garden and budget.


We work on an appointment only basis, meaning we can spend quality time with you to understand all your requirements and explain how we can help.

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