Elevate Your Space with a Feature Wall

Looking for feature wall ideas for your garden room? Introducing our oak veneer and green feature walls. Perfect for new builds or retro upgrades, they're stylish and versatile.

Feature Wall Ideas for Your Garden Building

Our oak veneer feature walls make a great addition to any garden room. Not only do they look modern and aesthetically pleasing, they bring an element of warmth to any room with the classic hardwood look.

Precision-cut by machines, each panel maintains a straight and even profile, ensuring consistency and uniformity throughout your space.

In the image, the contrast between the wood feature wall and black MDF creates a visually striking combination. While we plan to introduce more MDF wall panel colour options in the future, the current contrast remains on-trend and is aesthetically pleasing.



LED Lighting Enhancements 


To further enhance the beauty of our wood panel feature walls, we've incorporated fitted LED lights around the edge of the panelling. When the wood is oiled, it not only adds a subtle sheen but also amplifies the glow when the LED lights are turned on.



These customisable LED lights can be installed in any vertical channel, creating a modern, warm ambiance in the corners of your room. LED lighting is bright enough to be used as a lamp in your garden building when it's dark outside. We love how cosy this room looks with the statement wall lights.


How to Panel a Wall - About The Product And Installation 


This amazing product is essentially made of two principle materials. The first is an MDF panel where the fibres have been dyed black. Then, real oak veneer is placed on both sides covering the whole MDF sheet. We then machine away the oak veneer until you're left with the black MDF from the below surface. This means that any design you would like is completely possible, ensuring exact precision for each and every panel, giving you the perfect symmetrical and balanced finish.


As standard, a finishing oil is applied to enrich and bring out the grain in our factory ahead of installation. There is no need for any additional maintenance of this product although oiling the panels every few years will keep the richness and warmth of the wood at its best.




Why Choose an Oak Veneer Feature Wall for Your Garden Room? 

Natural Feel

This wall feature gives any room a really natural, warm feeling. The rich colour of the oak looks stylish and modern and will integrate your garden with the interior of your garden room, keeping everything cohesive.


Modern and Different

It's a stylish, modern and more interesting alternative to paint or wallpaper. Rather than painting the walls all the same colour; which can be quite plain especially without a good amount of artwork or photos to decorate, why not switch things up and go with a modern feature wall? Alternatively, if you use this as a TV feature wall, the wood panels will go well with the TV.

Compliments All Styles

The great thing about oak is it goes with pretty much anything. So there's no need to spend ages finding the perfect paint colours and furniture that match your feature wall, as pretty much any colour will! A great benefit of this is as long as the rest of the walls are painted neutral, you can quite easily redecorate and change the colour theme in your garden building, whenever you like.



Customising your Feature Wall


If you like the look of the oak veneer but want something different, you can put your own stamp on the design, including changing the size and spacing between the oak panels. Here at Bakers we have already been having some fun with this and have created our brick bevel tile and a new wave effect as samples. This has enabled us to see how this amazing product can be updated, changed and pushed in a new direction.


Bathroom Feature Wall Ideas

Adding shades of green, like moss or sage, can create a calm and inviting atmosphere, turning your bathroom into a relaxing space. The green wall, combined with the warmth of our oak veneer cladding, not only looks stylish but also brings a touch of nature indoors.

Imagine the soothing feeling of being surrounded by greenery, transforming your bathroom into a spa-like space right in your garden building.


Customise Your Garden Room Interior

A garden building is an extension of your home, so why not decorate and design the interior just as you would a room in your house? Whether it's a gym, office, living space or guest room, a wall feature will make your garden building feel modern, unique and well cared for. If you're interested in having one of our stunning wall features in your garden room, visit our Contact Us page.
Jay Small Garden Office with Feature Wall

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