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Summer Houses

Enjoy all seasons with a versatile Summer House building for year-round use.

Garden Summer House

Bakers Garden Buildings is determined to drag the image of the garden summer house into the 21st century. We don't believe a summer house should be a glorified shed, full of spiders and empty of life. We believe it should be a warm, welcoming garden room that you can use for 12 months of the year. If you look at the range of garden rooms we can build for you, the possibilities for a bespoke summer house are almost endless. This can be an extra room of your house; it could be a lounge, a games room, a dining room or a study. We'll work closely with you at every stage. We'll help you decide on a design you love, then take care of all the logistical challenges - from ground clearance and base work to plumbing and electrical installations.

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Contemporary Summer Houses

Bakers Garden Buildings believes it leads the way in the creation of a more modern look for the British garden summer house that you won't find anywhere else.


We have redefined the traditional summer house, bringing it right up to date with contemporary designs, clean lines and modern materials rather than old-fashioned surfaces.


We offer a wide range of building options to ensure your summer house is a beautiful space where you can relax.


Our contemporary summer house range will give your whole garden a lift as well as provide you with a room you will be proud of.


You may also want a summer house with bi-fold doors. On warm days, you will be able to fold the doors away so that the space outside your room becomes an extension of your living area.


On colder days, when those doors are closed, the summer house is fully insulated, meaning it is both cosy and energy efficient.


Every summer house we build is tailored to your exact requirements, including size and budget. The whole process is efficient and free of stress.

Hot Tub Summer Houses/Jacuzzi Summer Houses

If you want your summer house to be a place of pure relaxation, we can incorporate a hot tub into the structure.


This can be situated under a canopy attached to the living space. But if you want your hot tub inside your summer house, we can provide a wet-room floor and non-permeable wall coverings.


Of course, this means you can use the hot tub all year round, even on the chilliest and wettest winter days.

Endless pool room and hot tub canopy in oxfordshire

Luxury Summer House

As well as adding character and style to your garden, the creation of a summer house can add a touch of pure luxury to your home.


It's our proud boast that since we started trading in 1985, we have produced about 20,000 buildings. Because everyone is made to order, in that time we've hardly ever made two luxury summer houses the same.


It's important to us that you take delivery of a room with a layout that works perfectly for you. The happier you are with your summer house, the more likely you are to use it all year round.


And the more love and affection you lavish on it, the more it will feel like a comfortable, well-presented, luxurious feature where you can spend precious time with family and friends.

Bifold summer house with Iroko timber cladding and Anthracite doors and fascias in reading

Insulated Summer House

The traditional summer house can be a fairly flimsy, single-glazed structure that you could use for a quarter of the year - if you are lucky.


By installing insulation and double-glazing, we're able to create a sturdy, stylish space for you that can be used all year round.


Whatever the British weather can throw at you, this building will cope. You will have a space to enjoy, where you can be comfortable, relaxed and happy.


It's an extension to your home where you can do whatever you would do in another room in your house.


If your structure incorporates MTX cladding, an EPDM roof and aluminium or uPVC doors and windows, your summer house will be covered by our unique 10-year guarantee.

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