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Man Caves

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Garden Man Cave

The man cave has become a popular addition to the family home in recent years. Typically, it is seen as a haven where the man of the house can rest and recuperate from the pressures of everyday life. Bakers Garden Buildings has the insight and expertise to be able to create a space that works for the male of the species - whatever activities he wants to pursue. However, we also believe it is important to treat this extra space as a room that contains not just everything a man needs, but that can also cater for the whole family's leisure activities.

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Man Cave Ideas

In most cases, the man cave is a bolthole where the man of the house can surround himself with boys' toys, a big TV and perhaps even his own bar.


This is a fun place, an entertainment room. Given the flexibility at your disposal when you choose Bakers Garden Buildings to create and deliver a garden room, the list of potential activities for which it can be used is extensive.


We can line and insulate your man cave so that it can be used 12 months of the year. We can help you turn it into a cinema room, where the man of the house can watch the big match on a big screen - and where the whole family can enjoy a movie together.


The more active male of the species may want to turn his man cave into a gym. It may become a den, a hideaway, or a place to indulge a favourite hobby. Or it could simply be a lounge with comfortable seating where the occupant can relax after a long day at work.

Man Cave Combination Rooms

At Bakers Garden Buildings, we're proud to say we have never made the same room twice. Our superlative standards of customer service ensure we go the extra mile to ensure your building is delivered to your exact requirements.


So, whatever use you want to put your man cave to, we will work with you to come up with a solution that gives you precisely what you want.


Your man cave could be a single room where you can enjoy a hobby or a TV show. Or it could be a combination room that mixes the relaxation of a big screen with the intense activity of a home gym.


We can even provide a building that includes a separate storage space for your gardening tools, DIY equipment and sports gear.


Over our many years in business, we have been asked frequently to devise buildings that combine uses in this way. So much so that we claim responsibility for inventing the phrase 'combination room'.

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