Garden Gym with Roof Light & Wood Panelling

Garden Gyms

Achieve your fitness goals without leaving home.

Home Gym Experience

Many of us enjoy the benefits of regular exercise in the gym and have a favourite set of activities that keep us in shape.


But going to the gym can be a time-consuming affair, not to mention you are surrounded by other people - and it can be so frustrating if the piece of equipment you want to use is occupied.


Installing a home gym in a garden room will save you so much time and, as well as the convenience factor, you will be working out in the privacy of your own home.


Bakers Garden Buildings will work with you to create a garden room where you can exercise all year round. We can cater to your exact needs, including full mirror walls, extra height for overhead exercises and storage space for multi-use rooms.


We'll even make sure there are floor sockets to avoid trailing cables, and plumbing for your water cooler, or even a shower room.


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Garden Gym Buildings

We'll listen to your requirements and work with you to design and deliver a contemporary space you can use all year round.


The position of your machines, the headroom required, even the position of the TV you'll watch while working up a sweat - we'll take them all into account and deliver a room from our range that will delight you.


You'll be working out in a gym that is stylish, functional and a shrewd investment in your property - not to mention entirely separate from your home.


Our complete package includes site clearance and the installation of the base, electricals and wi-fi so that you can get working out straight away and enjoy your own entertainment while you're at it.


We'll make sure you have speakers that pump out your favourite music or, if you prefer something more sedate while you work, monitors where you can read your favourite book to help the time go by.

Multifunctional Home Gym

If you want more than just a gym in your garden exercise centre, Bakers Garden Buildings can provide a building with a choice of activities beneath its roof.


Perhaps you'd like to relax in a hot tub or a sauna after working out. We have a host of options to suit you, whether you'd like to install your watery haven or hothouse inside the building or under a canopy.


Or, for the more energetic, we can complement your cool home gym with an endless pool, where you can set your own pace and swim against a current for as long as you like.


We'll work with your local Endless Pools® supplier to create and deliver a bespoke home gym area that includes a swimming option and really works for you.


Triathletes and other multi-sport enthusiasts welcome the flexibility that allows them to practise more than one of their disciplines under the same private roof.

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