Endless pool part inset and automatic cover  with gym and changing area in Hertfordshire

Endless Pool Rooms

Enhance your year-round swimming experience.

Endless Pool Rooms

An endless pool is aptly named - because there is virtually no limit to the amount of fun, exercise and relaxation to be experienced when you install one in your garden.


Bakers Garden Buildings, working in harmony with your local Endless Pools supplier, to create and deliver the perfect garden pool room for you.

In an endless pool, a turbine creates a current against which you can swim for as long as you like. You can set the pace to suit your ability and targets; we have installed two for international swimmers, who can train in a much smaller space than a traditional swimming pool takes up. So they are great for your health, fitness and year-round fun, but can also be valuable for aquatic therapy for people rehabilitating after an injury.

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Endless Pools® are straightforward to install and economical in terms of the space they occupy and the cost to run them.


They offer two types of swimming pool and can be extremely flexible in terms of the building in which they are housed, meaning you are sure to find one that fits your taste and budget.


We can produce buildings that accept pools fitted above ground, part inset or fully in the ground. Our buildings are custom-made and we will ensure the materials used can withstand a watery environment, with a wet-room floor.


As well as swimmers, we also cater for triathletes. You can train all year round in the pool, and also have enough space to install a running machine and a training bicycle, so you can train for all three disciplines without having to leave your home.

Swimming Pool Garden Buildings

The maximum area allowed for any building is 30 square metres, but the economical size of these pools ensures there can be plenty of versatility in your design.


We work with you at every stage of the design and build process to ensure your finished product is exactly what you need.


You can even combine your endless pool with a sauna or spa and ample storage space to ensure a relaxing experience all year round.


Bakers Garden Buildings leads the way in the creation of a modern look for garden rooms, using contemporary materials.


If your structure incorporates MTX cladding, an EPDM roof and aluminium doors and uPVC windows, your garden room will be covered by our unique 10-year guarantee.

Endless Poolroom with Hot Tub Canopy and Tri-Sliding Doors Berkshire

Swim Spas

You may also have considered a swim spa that will enable you to combine the luxury of a hot tub with the pleasure of swimming.


We will happily discuss all your options openly and honestly to ensure you get both the perfect building and the perfect swim experience.


You should also read this blog on how we adapt our buildings and what you need to do, to keep your wet leisure room condensation free.  

Endless pool part set in ground with large side windows in Sussex


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