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Sauna and Spa Garden Rooms

Indulge in relaxation in your personal spa.

Sauna Rooms

Having a sauna can benefit you in so many ways. It improves your circulation, flushes toxins from your body and can reduce stress and the risk of cardiovascular disease. Installing a sauna in your garden can make for an even more relaxing and beneficial experience - and Bakers Garden Buildings works with a host of reputable providers to deliver a garden room with a sauna that is perfect for you.

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Garden Room with Sauna

Traditionally, the cleansing heat of a sauna was produced by hot rocks, which would heat the air in the room. In recent years the option of an infra-red sauna has entered the market, which has several advantages.


Infra-red saunas use less power and are easier to use, in that the heat is instant - you don't have to wait 30 minutes for the room to heat up.


Installing a stand-alone home sauna in one of our garden rooms is not a complicated task and nearly all of our rooms can accommodate one.

Garden Room with Spa

Bakers Garden Buildings offers a wide range of options to ensure that the new structure you install in your garden meets your requirements precisely.


When it comes to creating a place where you can relax, you can rely on us to work with you and listen to what you want.


So if you would like a building that hosts a sauna, a hot tub and an area where you can treat yourself to spa treatments such as massages or facials - or a combination of all three - we have the solution for you.

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