Garden Hair Salon with Sliding Doors, West Sussex

Garden Salons and Therapy Rooms

Create quiet spaces for your Salon or Therapy clients.

Home Salon

Many people dream of having their own therapy room or hair salon located in their back garden so that they can run a business from home. With the help of Bakers Garden Buildings, those dreams can come true. We have the experience and expertise to construct a garden room that meets your exact requirements and becomes the perfect place to house your business.

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Ultimate Flexibility

Your garden room can be up to 30 square metres in area, which gives you plenty of flexibility and choice. You may want two separate working rooms, or your vision may be for a single room with a reception or waiting area.


The key is that the space we construct with you will be self-contained and truly independent of your home. If you aspire to grow your business, there will be a steady flow of customers and you don't want them to have to traipse through your house.


Home Therapy Rooms

The garden rooms designed and delivered by Bakers Garden Buildings can be put to an extensive variety of uses. Similarly, whatever type of therapy you wish to offer can be accommodated within one of our structures, which will be created to satisfy your precise requirements.


It may be that you want to practise physiotherapy, in which case we will deliver a space that can house the types of work tables and exercise machines that complement your expertise.


Similarly, if you want to host psychotherapy sessions, either in groups or on a one-to-one basis, we can create a layout that works for you.

Therapy Room with Cassette Toilet

Garden Yoga Studio

Yoga has risen steadily in popularity over the last few decades and its combination of exercise and meditation now commands a significant number of followers across the UK.


The peaceful surroundings of your garden are an ideal location for a studio - and Bakers Garden Buildings can deliver a space where you could hold one-to-one sessions or group classes for up to half a dozen clients at a time.


Indeed, you could create a studio space where you could offer class sessions in a variety of disciplines, also including tai chi and pilates.

garden artist room , with  gable glass Hampshire

Home Beauty Salon

One of the most attractive options for people wanting to run a business from a garden room is their own beauty or hair salon.


Bakers Garden Buildings has vast expertise, not only in the creation of the structure to house the salon, but also in the particular requirements you need to ensure your salon has the right facilities to ensure your customers want to keep coming back - and to tell their friends all about the experience.


For a start, you need constant hot water for hair washing. We have a host of ways to meet this requirement, depending on how close your garden room is to the house and how many workstations you want to include. We can also install your chosen backwash sinks.


Every salon requires background entertainment, whether in the form of a TV on the wall, or music in the waiting area, to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere - we can incorporate that into your design.


Bear in mind that the salon will need to be heated to ensure clients are comfortable all year round. You will also need an area to prepare colours, a display case for products and the whole floor space will need to be moppable.


As you can see, we really do think of everything and we'd be delighted to help you bring your garden salon dream to fruition, whether it's a hair salon or beauty therapy room.

Garden Hair Salon with Sliding Doors, West Sussex


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