Jay garden Studio 3.5x3.1m

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Unlock creativity and productivity in your garden.

Introducing 'The Bakers Garden Studio'

Bakers Garden Buildings is proud to introduce the latest addition to its range - the Jay garden studio.


Our decision to offer you the chance to become the owner of an affordable garden studio has been inspired by the success of our range of affordable garden offices.


Our new garden studio collection, starts slightly larger than the offices finishes, giving you even more choice when you want to create a stylish new feature for your garden and extra living or working space for you and your family.


You can choose between eight sizes and be assured of the quality of workmanship and service that has made Bakers Garden Buildings one of the leading suppliers of garden buildings in the UK.


And because you're buying an off-the-shelf model rather than going for a bespoke design, the process will be both quicker and cheaper.

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Garden Office Studios

The challenges faced by families and businesses in 2020 have led many home owners to assess how to make the best use of the space available to them.


An increase in the popularity of working away from the office, for instance, has encouraged many people to consider the benefits of adding a workspace to their home with minimum disruption to family life.


The extra sizes available with our new collection of garden studio buildings means there is an even greater range of potential uses to which the new room can be put.


If you want a garden home office in your studio building, for instance, our designs are ideal for the purpose. You'll have plenty of room for your desk, files and any other equipment you need to run your business from home.


There are so many advantages to working from home - not least the time and money you save by not commuting a long distance to an office.


At the same time, a garden office studio allows you to conduct your business away from the distractions of family life.


We'll make sure you have the electricity and internet connections you need to feel as close as ever to the business you want to conduct.

Insulated Garden Studio

Your garden studio can be put to a wide range of uses; but whichever you choose, you want to be confident you can enjoy your new building for 12 months of the year.

Our garden studios include insulation on all four walls, the roof and floor. This ensures you will be taking delivery of an all-year-round garden studio.


That's an important consideration when it comes to the variations of the British weather. An outdoor office, for instance, that is like an oven in the summer and a refrigerator in winter will not be comfortable to use.


Our insulation means you won't overheat in the summer and will stay warm in winter.

Garden  studio used as a hair salon in Surrey

Contemporary Garden Studio

Our new buildings are based on our popular Jay Collection . You'll become the owner of a classic building - but with a distinctly contemporary garden studio feel.


There are eight designs for you to choose from if you want one of our new affordable garden studios - and there are at least that many ways in which you can use your new structure.


Maybe you run a business but don't need a simple office, Our small garden studio can be used to run dance, yoga or pilates classes.


If you require more leisure space, your studio could become an extra lounge or TV room. Maybe you want a games room for some more serious relaxation - talk to us about the different ways we can use the internal space to allow you to pursue your favourite pastime.


Of course, the man cave is a perennial favourite for the male of the species who wants to create some personal space. Our collection of modern garden studios is perfect for this purpose.


We believe the choice of eight pre-designed buildings is sufficiently broad, but if you require the individuality of a custom-made small garden studio, please take a look at our tailor made collections.

Ultimate Garden Office with Split face tiling inside and out, feature wall fireplace Bromley Internal shot

Garden Studio Gym

Keeping fit is a focus for increasing numbers of people in Britain today. The fact that so many gyms were closed during the lockdown enforced during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 has made the idea of a home gym even more attractive.


Our garden studios have enough room for you to install some gym equipment, allowing you to work on your fitness without having to travel to a leisure centre or pay expensive membership fees.


If you have an aspiring dancer in the family, you could use your new building as a garden dance studio.


There is also enough space for you to set up a garden yoga studio, either for your personal use or for a small group of friends or clients.


The beauty of a garden studio is that you will be able to practise your fitness-related hobby to your heart's content without disturbing other people who live in your home.

Garden Gym with Bar, mirrors and Integrated blinds in Shoreham

How Much to Build a Garden Studio?

The fact that our collection of eight affordable garden studios are pre-designed rather than bespoke means you make a considerable saving in both time and money.


To put it simply, if you created a bespoke building of exactly the same design, you would pay about 20 percent more - and the process would take longer.


So if one of our garden studios is absolutely perfect for your requirements, it makes financial sense to choose this option.


But while we have cut the cost of becoming the owner of a Bakers garden studio, we have not compromised on the quality of the materials we use to create.


Nor have we cut any corners on the quality of the workmanship that goes into building it and the high standards of customer service you receive at every step of the process.


By making the most of all the materials that go into the framing, cladding and finishes, less than one per cent of those materials now waste.


While you still have a choice, our garden studios are fixed items, which means we can keep the elements in stock - and deliver quickly.


You could take ownership of one of our garden studios and see it installed within six to ten weeks.

Garden Studios London

Living space in London is at a premium, and the cost of extending your property in the capital can be prohibitive.


Whether you convert your loft space, or extend to the rear of your home - or into the basement - the impact on your bank balance and the peace of your living space will be considerable.


However, one of our pre-designed garden studios could fit perfectly into your London garden. You will gain extra living, working or leisure space from one of the UK's leading garden building suppliers.


From our Sussex base, we cater comfortably for clients across London and the Home Counties who want to make a stylish, contemporary and cost-effective addition to their home.


Garden Studio Workshop

Many people have hobbies that they enjoy that take up plenty of space in their home and disturb other occupants.


Others are DIY enthusiasts who need a space where they can work and create to their heart's content.


Using your garden studio as a workshop is the perfect solution. You will be able to follow your passion, or set up your tools and workbench, in a comfortable and cost-effective garden studio.


Bi-fold family room with extra rear cupboard storage in London Ref 5686

Garden Music Studio

Building a music studio in your garden is the perfect solution for the true enthusiast.


Maybe you want to listen to your favourite opera or heavy rock music without disturbing the peace of your home - or those of your neighbours.


Perhaps you are learning an instrument and want to be able to practice in a soundproof garden studio.


If music is your passion, talk to us and we'll help you to choose a studio that's perfectly in tune with the way you want to live your life.


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garden music & drum studio in Sussex


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