Endless Pool Room with Canopy & Grillo Kitchen

Large Canopy Projects

Elevate your outdoor area with a large garden canopy.

Garden Canopy

A large garden canopy is a superbly efficient and innovative way of bringing together your inside and outside space. It will provide shelter in winter and shade in summer. When you choose a garden room with Baker Timber Buildings, our ability to add a canopy to your project opens up a whole new dimension of possibilities.

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Creating Extra Garden Space

There are so many potential uses for a canopy as a method of adding extra space to your desired garden room.


It can be used to:

  • Provide shelter for a hot tub (alternatively, you can look into a hot tub garden room)
  • Create an alfresco dining space - no garden party will ever be ruined by the weather!
  • Create an integrated space that allows both outdoor and indoor use
  • Become a lifestyle feature, a pleasant area that can be used all year round.


The maximum area allowed for any garden room is 30 square metres. However, the area covered by a canopy is deemed as outside space, which means it can be added to your structure and give you that precious extra space without fear of breaching regulations.

Garden Building with Canopy

Whatever your requirements are in terms of space and taste - and the use to which you will put your new garden building and canopy - we have a solution that will meet them.


You may want a canopy to provide shade for a dining area, in which case we can design and deliver a light, attractive space.


However you want to add to your outside space with a canopy, we will work with you at every stage of the process to ensure your finished product is exactly what you need.

pool-side rooms, with canopy, bi-fold and Gym

Wooden Garden Canopy

It's our proud boast that since we started trading in 1985, we have produced about 20,000 buildings. In that time we've never made two garden structures the same.


Traditionally, our buildings were constructed from wood, however these days we suggest using a combination of steel supports and cladding materials such as Medite Tricoya Extreme (MTX). This adds significantly to the durability of your garden room and qualifies you for our unique 10-year guarantee.


Bakers Garden Buildings believes it leads the way in the creation of a more modern look for garden rooms, using contemporary materials rather than old-fashioned surfaces.


With no external timber, your maintenance will be lower and your warranty higher - and your building will be easier to clean.

two summerhouses linked t with middle canopy in Kent

Hot Tub Canopy

One of the most popular uses for our canopies is as a cover for a hot tub.


Soaking in a luxurious hot tub is one of the most pleasant ways of enjoying your garden. However, a major decision for any homeowner is whether to site their new installation inside or outside a hot tub garden building.


Installing a hot tub to the side of one of our garden rooms and beneath a canopy will protect you from the rain, while still allowing you the sensation that you are outside and interacting with your garden.

Garden Room with Gym and Hot Tub Canopy Sussex

Canopy with Integrated Storage

The main purpose of a canopy is to allow you the perfect mixture of inside and outside space. You will be under cover, while also enjoying the feeling that you are in the open air and enjoying your garden.


However, Bakers Garden Buildings can also integrate a storage element into your chosen structure.


This could be used or holding gardening tools, chemicals for your hot tub or swimming pool, games and sporting equipment, increasing the efficiency of your space and making your canopy part of a structure that truly becomes a feature of your home.

pool-side room with double canopy and alfresco dinning out door kitchen  ref Surrey


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