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Garden Offices

Boost productivity with a quiet workspace.

Garden Office Buildings

A garden office means you don't have to work in your spare bedroom, or at the dining room table. This is a designated area for work, one you can leave behind at the end of your day. You'll get back the hours you used to spend commuting - and the money you save on transport fares or petrol could even cover the cost of your new garden office.


Whatever your requirements are in terms of space and taste, we have a solution that will meet them. You may want a one-person space, or you may prefer an area that can accommodate several staff and a meeting area.


Many of our clients want their garden office space to be fully self-contained. You may want to be able to focus completely on your work and not have to go into the house all day. You may also not want other people to have to use your home, which is a concern if your office is also being used by several colleagues, or as a venue for client meetings. It's so much more convenient if your garden office is fully plumbed, which we can arrange so that you can include a toilet, a kitchen area, even a shower.


We offer a complete package which includes site clearance and the installation of the base, electricals and wi-fi so that you can start work straight away. We work with you at every stage of the process to ensure your finished product - right down to the colour of the walls - is exactly what you need to be able to conduct your business.

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Styles of Garden Offices

It's our proud boast that since we started trading in 1985, we have produced about 20,000 buildings. In that time we've never made two garden offices the same.


Our Classic collection is ideal for a cost-effective office for one to four people that uses space efficiently to give you an area that is both impressive and comfortable.


At the other end of the scale, our Contemporary collection allows you the flexibility to make the most of a much larger space - with bigger windows to keep your space light and airy - where you can work in comfort with several colleagues and visitors.


It's important to us that you take delivery of a room with a layout that works perfectly for you. We help you to plan the design of your room so that it works as well as possible for you and your business.

Garden Office Pod

Every building is made to order, but there are so many options in terms of style, colour and layout available that the number of permutations is almost infinite.


Take a look at our Compact Collection, for instance, and you'll be surprised how little space you need to have a comfortable, functional one-person working space.


Work with us to plan the placement of windows, door, desk and chair and you'll be amazed at how spacious it feels once you're inside.

Ultimate Garden Office with Split face tiling inside and out, feature wall fireplace Bromley Internal shot

Combination Garden Offices

So many clients asked us to create a space that included a storage area, that combination rooms are now a key part of the range on offer at Bakers Garden Buildings. As well as an office, you may be looking for a place for your tools, DIY equipment or cycling gear. We can create a combination room that allows you that extra functionality. Many customers place their garden office on the site of their shed - now they need somewhere to store the items that used to be in there.


Our ability to deliver combination rooms means we are perfectly happy to create a space that includes a worktop and a chair - as well as separate storage for a lawnmower and strimmer.This is particularly popular in London properties, where space is at a premium and a stylish structure that combines an office with storage makes a neat feature at the end of the garden.


The installation of a superb new garden office will give that part of your property a significant uplift in appearance, but you'll still be able to look after your roses.

Ultimate Garden Office with Split face tiling inside and out, feature wall fireplace Bromley Night shot

Contemporary/Modern Garden Offices

With clean lines and a focus on quality, our range of contemporary garden offices are nothing like you will see from our competitors. We offer plenty of options for you to choose from to create your very own individual and perfect modern garden office.


If your structure incorporates MTX cladding, an EPDM roof and aluminium or uPVC doors and windows, your contemporary garden room will be covered by our unique 10-year guarantee.


Bakers Garden Buildings sees itself as leading the way in the creation of a more modern look for garden rooms, using contemporary materials rather than dated, old-fashioned surfaces.


With no external timber, your maintenance will be lower and your warranty higher - and your building will be easier to clean.


Every design can be adapted to your specific requirements so that the office we deliver to you is exactly what you want.

Bi-fold garden office and meeting room Esher Surrey

Prefab Garden Offices

All our rooms are pre-fabricated in the factory on the site where Bakers Garden Buildings has been based for nearly 35 years.


This means we have a far greater degree of control over the construction process and is one of the reasons we are able to offer you a quotation, rather than an estimate, for your project.


From breaking ground and clearing the site to hand over the keys of your fully completed garden office will take only 2-3 weeks.


We consciously seek to excel in our customer service levels, and this includes our after-sales service.

Kite combination multi use family room with sliding side door

Garden Office Interiors

We complement our high-end products with great service. In short, we want to be the best custom building company you've ever known - and to give you the best customer experience you've ever had.


When it comes to your garden office, for instance, we can also supply the internals such as the desk and chair. We'll even colour-coordinate the worktop and seat with the exterior of the building.


Our service is not just about delivering the shell of the building - we want the inside to be the last word in quality too.

Jay Small Garden Office 2.9m x 2.5m West Sussex

Insulated Garden Office

It's easy enough to imagine working in your garden office on a pleasant day in spring or summer. But what about those seasons when the weather turns and you're dealing with cold, rain and even snow?


Bakers Garden Buildings sees itself as a leader in the field when it comes to creating garden offices for year-round use.


Our expertise extends to creating warm and fully insulated garden offices, using contemporary techniques rather than dated materials which hark back to the last century.


All our garden offices are delivered with modern insulation and double-glazed windows and doors to ensure you and your team remain warm and dry through the worst of the winter.

Jay combination office and store in burgess hill 3.5m +1.2m x 2.5m

Timber / Wooden Garden Office

We have always specialised in timber buildings and we still have the expertise to deliver high-quality wooden installations.



But over the years we have also embraced new technology and now udated our existing range of timber garden offices with materials such as Medite Tricoya Extreme (MTX), Cedral, Stone and Trespa Pura.



MTX can be cut and moulded easily  and offers a much more perfect look and paints fantastically, both this, Cedral and our cement cladding option have a 50 year life expectancy and it makes the external areas of our offices far more durable and means they require almost no maintenance - helping us to offer a unique 10-year supplier backed guarantee.

Cedar garden room with anthracite doors, windows in London


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