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Small Garden Office

Compact solutions for working from home.

Working from Home Office

Our affordable garden office enables you to work from home with ease, offering numerous benefits. Save time and money on commuting with the convenience of modern technology and the comfort of home. Creating a small garden office allows you to work in a space that is entirely separate from the home, meaning you are free from domestic distractions.


Our Jay Garden Office is fully insulated, ensuring you can use the room all year round. This versatile garden office pod not only enhances work-life balance and home value but can also be adapted for other uses like a man cave or gym.


Our small garden office collection gives you the Bakers Garden Buildings high standards of service and materials. But while the garden office may be small in size, it is big in value.

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Affordable Garden Offices

At Bakers Garden Buildings, we pride ourselves on our excellent workmanship and customer service, which remain uncompromised in our collection of affordable garden offices. This dedication ensures we offer some of the best value garden buildings in the UK.


Now, you can choose our services to create a cost-effective, insulated garden office perfect for running your business from home. With insulation across all walls, the roof, and floor, you can comfortably operate year-round from your new workspace.


While initially designed as small garden offices, these buildings are versatile and can serve various purposes. If you have specific needs or ideas for your garden room, we're here to collaborate and bring your vision to life.


Whether you envision it as a lounge, gym, summer house, or even a man cave, our budget-friendly garden rooms can be easily customised to suit your desires.


This is an excellent opportunity to acquire an affordable garden building without compromising on the quality of materials or service synonymous with Bakers Garden Buildings.


All our buildings are delivered to the same high standard, offering additional living or working space usable throughout the year. It's a cost-effective way to expand your home with a new room.

Insulated Garden Office

We offer a range of affordable garden rooms and offices without compromising on quality. By optimising our construction process and minimising waste to less than one percent, we ensure efficiency in every component, from framing to cladding and finishes.


Our standardised small garden rooms come in seven sizes and two roof specifications—SBS felt or EPDM with added rear height—all under 2.5m to avoid planning permission. Each small garden office is fully insulated to maintain comfort throughout the year.


For those seeking a bespoke solution, explore our Compact Collection for custom-made garden buildings tailored to your needs.

Small Garden Office

Small Garden Office Technical Information

Based on our Jay Pre-designed Garden Building, we offer seven sizes and two roof options. You can choose to have the door on the left or right-hand side of the front. All our offices, including the base, are designed to be under 2.5m in height to comply with planning regulations.


Our small garden office features a UPVC single door and one or two front windows with top fanlight openers. It is clad in v-100 MTX cladding, with zero-maintenance cement walls on the sides and rear, and an Anthracite paint finish. The roof is covered with SBS felt and includes color-matched timber fascias.


This office is equipped with house-standard locks, toughened double-glazed windows, and insulated walls, floor, and ceiling. Inside, it is lined with v-1200 MDF, primed for painting, and includes a laminate floor. Our team at Bakers installs it fully, backed by a five-year guarantee.

Small Garden Summer House

Bakers Garden Buildings has been creating summer houses for customers since we began trading more than 35 years ago.  


Our small garden offices can comfortably be used for the purpose of adding extra leisure space to your home, a place where you can relax and entertain friends and family.


We believe that, despite its name, a summer house should be a welcoming garden room that can be used 12 months of the year.


Whether you want to locate your summer house near to your home, or create a haven at the end of the garden, we believe we offer the best value garden rooms for the purpose.

Our largest Jay Office in Brighton

Small Garden Gym

Many of us enjoy the benefits of working out regularly - so how good would it be to have a gym in your own garden?


Our small garden offices can be adapted for use as your own leisure centre, where you can get fit without having to leave your home.


There is enough space to install equipment such as a cycling or rowing machine. You may prefer to equip your garden gym with a weights machine or a set of free weights.


Creating a garden gym will save you the time of travelling to the gym - and our range of small garden offices is priced so that you save money too.

a mini Garden gym in sussex

Small Man Cave Office

Despite its name, the man cave is a haven where any member of a family can enjoy some time alone, away from the stresses of day-to-day life.


A Bakers Garden Buildings small garden office can be easily adapted to contain all the features that offer an escape from domestic hassles.


You will have the space to be able to install a big TV, gaming facilities or even your own bar. This is a room where you might want to pursue your favourite hobby - or simply a lounge with comfortable seating where you can relax at the end of the day.


Our small garden offices come with the same high standards of materials, workmanship and materials that go into all Bakers Garden Buildings rooms - at a price that suits your budget.

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