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Hot Tub Garden Rooms

Enjoy your hot tub rain or shine under a stylish canopy.

Hot Tub Paradise

Enhance your garden with a luxurious hot tub or swim spa, and let Bakers Garden Buildings ensure it meets your exact requirements.


First, decide whether to place your hot tub inside or outside a garden building. An indoor hot tub allows year-round use, safe from weather disruptions. An outdoor hot tub offers a true garden experience, especially in warm, sunny weather.


For a balanced solution, consider placing your hot tub beside a garden room under a canopy for rain protection while enjoying the outdoors. Alternatively, a retractable cover attached to the side of your room provides flexibility.


We offer various options to enhance your hot tub or swim spa experience, designing and delivering a structure that suits your needs.

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Hot Tub Enclosures

When your hot tub is enclosed within a room, it's important that the construction takes into account the possibly damaging effects of such a wet environment.


There will be steam rising from the hot water, and you'll need chlorine to ensure the hot tub's contents are safe to use.


We'll provide materials for the walls closest to the hot tub that don't absorb water, and we have a stunning range of wet-room floors that offer peace of mind and stability underfoot when you are using one of our installations.


In appearance, however, the walls and floor can look just like those of any other garden room.


As part of your hot tub garden room, you may want to include a changing area, even a shower. To enhance the flexibility of the structure, you could use a bi-folding or tri-sliding door to enable year-round use and great interaction with your garden.


If your structure incorporates MTX cladding, an EPDM roof and aluminium or uPVC doors and windows, your hot tub enclosure will be covered by our unique 10-year guarantee.

Hot Tub Gazebos

You may decide that you want to combine your hot tub with the more ornate structure of a gazebo.


This presents a challenge, in that gazebos tend to be free-standing, which means it's not easy to incorporate a shower or a warm changing area as well as the hot tub.


Nevertheless, we are able to offer a high-end solution if you are keen to combine the luxury of a hot tub with the elegance of a gazebo.

Hot tub canopy with green feature wall in south east

Hot Tub Shelters

When you simply can't decide whether to install your hot tub indoors or outdoors, or just want the best of both worlds, one of our canopies is the ideal answer.


On sunny days, you have a facility you can enjoy in the open air of your garden. When the weather is less friendly, you can still enjoy a good soaking - but not from the rain. What you have is year-round usability.


We can provide a structure that includes not just protection from the elements when you need it, but also a changing room and storage space for chemicals and other items for your hot tub and garden.


As you might expect, our structures can be created and constructed from a variety of materials. And the size of the canopy covering your hot tub can be as large as you like.

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Swim Spas

If you want to combine the luxury of a hot tub with the pleasure of swimming, a swim spa may be a good option. We will be happy to discuss the options and help you make the right choice for you.


These can come in one or two sections, where you'll be able to get the benefits of exercise by swimming against a tide driven by jets of water.


However, if swimming is your main focus you will also want to consider an endless pool and separate hot tub.


We can create a garden room to accommodate your swim spa. The structure can be up to 30 square metres in area, more than enough to include any size of hot tub or swim spa.


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