Poolside Room, Bi-folding Doors, Shower Room, Stone Cladding, Fitted Kitchen,  West Sussex

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Poolside Room with Kitchen and Changing Room in West Sussex

Create lasting memories in this pool room with kitchen and changing room.

Room type:
Bespoke Bi-Fold Poolside Room.


Size 7m x 3.5m.


Steel & Timber framed base raised by 300mm.



MTX external cladding V-200.

Medite Tricoya Extreme (MTX) trim pack.

Slate split face tiling 3x front pillars.


Upgrade to UPVC windows in RAL 7016 Anthracite smooth.



Bi-folding Aluminium doors in RAL 7016.

Integrated blinds in all front doors and windows.


Base coat preservative, On-site installation, toughened double glazing.


Wet Room Laminated Flooring - Classic Oak grey. Insulated Floor.


MDF Painted Internals upgrade, V1200 ceiling, V200 wall in Timeless.


Partition with flush door to create shower room.


Single door in shower room.


Fire/ Zero maintenance wall to rear and sides for regulations.


Sadolin superdec painted externals - RAL 7016.


2x composite decking platform steps 18.2sqm.


Firestone EPDM roof & rear height package.



Kitchen by Howdens, installed by Bakers.

Compass pool by Waterstream.

XL Trainer 110 - 11 x 4m in the Nova Stone colour with a granite coping stone.

Landscaping completed by Eden Landscaping.

The Project

These returning clients wanted to add a swimming pool and a self-contained room to their property, giving them a separate space for a day or weekend. However, we faced many challenges due to the property's listed status. We needed to balance the design to complement the property's significant appearance and meet the clients' needs.


After careful planning and negotiations with the relevant authorities, we found the perfect compromise. About two years after obtaining planning permission, the project finally began.


Having worked with these clients before, they were familiar with our capabilities. We enjoyed designing a self-contained garden room with a shower, toilet, changing area, kitchen, and lounge that seamlessly blend with the property and garden.

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The Work

We delivered a building measuring 7 metres wide and 3.5 metres deep. At 1.4 metres, we created a shower room with a toilet, basin, and changing room. The shower area was upgraded with a marble-effect wet room wall, enhancing the space and providing two changing areas.


The remaining room, measuring 5.6 by 3.5 metres, was designed for a Howdens kitchen and lounge. The kitchen included a fridge, freezer, sink, Quooker tap, induction hob, and ample storage. A TV was integrated into the wall, with internet connectivity provided.


Externally, the building featured bi folding doors with integrated blinds, seamlessly connecting to the pool area while ensuring privacy. 'Slate' split-face tile pillars were incorporated into the left-hand fence to conceal the pool workings.


Composite decking led down to the patio, installed by our skilled landscaping team. The pathway then led to the stunning compass pool, a one-piece ceramic-coated product with an integrated cover.


In summary, we delivered a beautifully designed building with a well-equipped kitchen, comfortable lounge area, and luxurious pool space, featuring elegant design elements inside and out.

The Result

This project took a long time to come together, but executing it for our clients was truly exciting. We worked closely with Compass Pools, landscapers, and other contractors for drainage and communications. The project came together splendidly, and the clients felt it was well-managed, completed on time, and within budget.


We especially love the split-face tiles on the fences, adding a special touch and integrating beautifully with the garden and surroundings.


The large deck area facing the pool is stunning and gives a genuine Mediterranean holiday vibe.

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