Tips to ensure your Garden Building is wet room ready

At Bakers, we adapt our bespoke buildings for wet leisure use. Our skilled craftsmen use internal external-grade cladding and waterproof, mould-resistant paint.

How to manage condensation in you Garden Building


But there's more to it than just the cladding and paint. These wet leisure ready rooms need to be treated slightly differently to a regular garden room to avoid condensation build-up, which can lead to mould and mildew. At Bakers, we know exactly how to manage this, ensuring that your building has a long and healthy life. So if you're ready to dive into the world of wet leisure in your very own bespoke building, let Bakers take care of everything for you.


There are 4 ways you can manage the condensation.  

Covering – when not in use it is critical that your Endless pool, swim-spa or hot tub is kept covered with a sealable lid.  

Venting - Venting the room is the most efficient way of reducing and eradicating condensation. We recommend that the fanlight windows are kept open all year round and at nearly all times, they should only be shut when heating. With purge venting (opening all doors and windows) after use.  

Heating - Condensation will not form if the room temperature is 2 degrees plus of the pool water temperature. It is recommended that you install a thermostat in the room to monitor this. However, assuming your pool is around 28 degrees, heating the room to 30+ degrees is quite costly and certainly not the most efficient way for condensation management.  

Drying, Dehumidifying and air management - If condensation persists or if you are using the pool/spa for extended periods, you may need to fit a dehumidifier or air handling system. Please note you should not use domestic dehumidifiers as the chemicals in the water can affect them and we would recommend a dedicated product with energy reclaim. Please ask your pool or spa supplier for details of their recommended options.


What is the best way to manage condensation?

The best way to manage the condensation does depends on your specific requirements but our default recommendation is the venting method: 


  • Always keep fan light windows slightly open all year-round day and night, only shutting them if you're looking to warm up the room ahead of a swim. 


  • Whilst swimming you should keep as much venting as possible: windows open, doors ajar or open depending on your preference of internal temperature. Plus, you should have at least one electric vent (expel air) to assist in removing the condensation build up. Here at Bakers, we offer 2 humidity stat electric fans as standard in our electrics package.  


  • Once you have finished your swim you should put the cover back on as soon as possible, open all windows and doors for an absolute minimum of 45 minutes and preferably at least one hour or longer. This enables the moisture in the room to escape and create an equilibrium with the outside environment. After the hour or more you can shut the doors, leaving the fanlights open to continue venting.  


Alternative condensation management

In some instances, particularly with therapy pools and users with disabilities the venting method may not be practical and in these circumstances, we would recommend a dedicated wet leisure dryer system. Whilst these add cost and take up space, it may be the right solution for certain situations.


If you intend to use the pool commercially for teaching of renting and the cover will be off for more than 2 hours a day, most days, you should then consider a commercial air handling system.



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